System Integration

Specialist of System Integration, SIPRO Enhance system performance, providing R&D, OEM, and ODM service. The rugged VPX computer : Design for both Commercial and Military territory With Intel Core i7 CPU High Performance, Durable battery life and Stable HDD/SSD expansion and Hot plugging Strict Quality Control


SIPRO is composed by a team of professionals with a senior experience in industrial electronics, especially in connector wire processing (RF-CABLE) and micro motors. For quality requirement, we have also approved by ISO certification to provide fast, stable and high quality industrial grade products. Moreover, we also provide and produce electronic components as small quantity and various specifications.

Power moduel

Power series:DC to DC、AC to DC and customize

About US

Based on innovation, expertise, independence, and flexibility, we have been providing cost effective integration services, including design & deliver complex projects in Industrial, Military & Defense applications since 2006. We’ve developed the feature-rich, robust Embedded Computer Systems prolonged operational life, especially suitable for harsh and challenging environments. In addition to our core Rugged Computer business, we also possess the expertise in a variety of associated fields, ranging from Ultraviolet Disinfection, Green Energy Management to the technology of Micro DC Motors.
The ability to adapt and fulfill the needs of this rapidly changing market has ensured Systems Integration Pro Tech remains at the forefront of the industry offering the best products with the highest levels of customer service and support.

SIPro is the designer of R&D, manufacturer of ODM & OEM and agency. We are the agent of KATL and have OEM.

Our Services

Industrial Design

SIPRO Design are based on product aesthetic, ergonomic, the possibility of production, and cost-effectiveness.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Raw materials, components, finished products for shipment are through strict quality monitoring.


Carry out projects for customers with customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness and accurate timelines.


Industrial computers, military computers, components, consumer electronics…etc.


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ISO 9001



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