Micro motors

SIPRO specializes in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of micro DC motors, gear motors, servo motors, and stepping motors. We implement "high-quality" , and "high-efficiency" manufacturing of various micro motors. We also attach great importance to the process inspection steps and continue to strengthen the manufacturing and processing equipment and computerized processes. We establish a complete production process and strictly implement it.

RF Cable and wire

SIPRO produces all kinds of electronic wire assembly and processing, electronic wire processing, etc. Our company has many years of experience in production technology and assisted design, and can provide customization to meet the demands of customers. The main customer’s industries include::Computer, Communications, Electrical machinery, Optoelectronics, Semiconductor test equipment, Medical, and other industries.

RJ45 connectors and Military-standard connectors

SIPRO produces various connector assembly processing and agents. The connectors meet IP67 and above, and the military-standard connectors comply with the military certification. Can provide customized products to meet the demands of customers.

System Integration

SIPRO specializes in system integration, optimizing system performance, providing R&D design and OEM&ODM rugged VPX computer: stable and efficient, more powerful performance, equipped with Intel series core, external hard disk, With long-lasting battery life and stability. At the same time, there is a hot-swap function. Through strict quality inspection and product testing, it can be used in commercial and military fields.

Our Service

Industrial Design

SIPRO Design are based on product aesthetic, ergonomic, the possibility of production, and cost-effectiveness.


Carry out projects for customers with customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness and accurate timelines.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Raw materials, components, finished products for shipment are through strict quality monitoring.


Industrial computers, military computers, components, consumer electronics…etc.